The Changing Face of School Discipline

For most of my life, and probably for most of yours, school discipline and consequences were pretty cut and dry. Late to class...tardy slip. Talk back to a teacher...detention. Get in a fight...suspension. Drugs or alcohol...maybe an expulsion. In today’s schools, especially in the state of Washington, the face of discipline is changing. It’s no secret that for most people change isn’t easy; mostly because change causes us to have to think differently or get used to something from which we’re not familiar. I’ve seen first hand some of our students, staff and parents struggle with the new discipline changes implemented in our State and District. My intent with this article is to help people better understand the changes, the rationale behind the changes and what we are doing about it in Selah.        Let’s first take a look at some of the legislatively mandated changes in Washington State when it comes to student discipline. House Bill 1541 was passed in 2016 with the inten
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